Entertainment Law

Matthew Van Ryn, prior to joining Melvin & Melvin, worked in the corporate legal departments of Time Warner Cable, RCA Records, and CBS Songs. In those positions, he negotiated songwriting agreements, recording agreements, producer and private label distribution agreements. He also worked in private practice representing a wide range of artists. Mr. Van Ryn has drafted cable television programming contracts, and is very experienced in the intersection between entertainment content, digital delivery networks for that content, and the impact of regulatory and franchising authorities on the operation of these businesses.

Mr. Van Ryn has secured trademarks for new record labels. He has negotiated international distribution agreements for concert videos filmed by concert promoters in Jamaica. He has represented artists, producers, music publishers and record companies in negotiating these types of agreements. Mr. Van Ryn won First Place in ASCAP’s Nathan Burkan Memorial Copyright Law competition while attending law school in 1991 for a paper he wrote, proposing a licensing system for digital samples, which were then new to the recording business. Mr. Van Ryn also worked at RCA Records to research the reissue of classic recordings on compact disc, when CDs were still a relatively new technology.

Mr. Van Ryn continues to work with emerging songwriters and performers to help them negotiate all sorts of music related agreements, as well as representation in royalty disputes. He also has extensive experience in trademark matters, such as the name & likeness rights of performers.