Mediation / Arbitration

Often referred to as Alternate Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Arbitration are turned to with increasing frequency by sophisticated parties as the most favored means to resolve important legal and business disputes. Considerations of cost, time, and the ability to select not only the tribunal but their qualifications of the neutral often provide significant advantages to the parties

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Involves a trained Mediator. A Mediator has absolutely no power nor authority to do or decide anything. Yet the Mediator’s experience, professional judgment and sheer persuasion of logic can save the parties incalculable amounts of their resources.

Mediation also offers one more benefit: It allows the parties to decide their own fate and end the dispute with a handshake. No one is left to guess how a judge would rule or an appellate court decide.


Allows parties to decide whether their case will be heard by a Panel of one or three Arbitrators and to specify criteria of experience and expertise relevant to their dispute. In the instance of a three-party panel arbitrators may be selected on a balancing of interests of the parties, e.g. one party may desire an attorney, another a contractor or engineer. Parties may find that control of time and scheduling to fit their needs is another advantage of arbitration.


The experience of Melvin & Melvin litigation attorneys allows them to serve clients in Mediation and Arbitration proceedings and to empower parties to exercise more control over their fate.