Melvin & Melvin, PLLC’s commercial and bankruptcy practice is creditor-oriented.
Our active collection practice uses a staff of full-time paralegals under close attorney supervision. The Collections Department serves many commercial and bank clients and uses all available techniques to recover secured and unsecured debt.
We routinely employ rigorous post-judgment devices often ignored by “collection mills”, such as

  • Contempt and arrest
  • Depositions
  • Attachments
  • Seizures
  • Sheriff’s sales of tangible and intangible property
  • Third-party restraints

Our modern technology enables us to provide high-quality legal services aggressively and expeditiously. We work in all areas of commercial and consumer debt enforcement.

The one aspect that sets us apart from other collection attorneys is that we work diligently to recover every dollar owed to our clients. Our territory includes the entire state of New York, excluding the boroughs of New York City and Long Island.