Planning for long-term care and navigating the complex Medicaid rules are daunting for most seniors and their families. The attorneys at Melvin & Melvin, PLLC can clarify the Medicaid regulations and explain the options available for long-term care. We are experienced in assisting with the Medicaid application process, offering guidance on the permissible spend-down of assets, drafting personal services contracts for family-provided care, and implementing Medicaid planning trusts to preserve assets.

Elder Law integrates more traditional trust and estate-planning tools with an individualized analysis of available government benefits including Medicare, Medicaid and Veteran’s benefits. An emphasis is placed on maximizing planning options for long term care and ensuring that older clients’ intentions are respected regarding their residential, financial, social, and other goals.

An inheritance or other windfall can interfere with eligibility for Medicaid, Social Security, or other government benefits. Our attorneys can assist those with special needs and their families with planning for expected or unexpected windfalls. We can, through a Special Needs Trust or other vehicle, protect your eligibility for benefits and allow you to use the additional resources to improve your life.